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About the JAKKO company

The JAKKO company was created 2002 as the trading company in the sphere of engineering systems of water supply, heating and sewerage. Today the company is trade and production and has two own plants: to Istanbul (Turkey) and in Karaganda (Kazakhstan), an extensive dealer network worldwide where 45 countries of the world join. And also, the company owns a retail network of engineering bathroom equipment "Almatherm" in 17 cities of Kazakhstan where in 23 shops offer the clients goods of engineering bathroom equipment from global manufacturers.

About an Almatherm retail network

The Almatherm retail network is the only large network on the scale of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the sphere of engineering bathroom equipment today. Our suppliers are large plants of the world and world brands, such as: K-Flexinsulation, NTG, Poelsan, Jakko, Muslook, TuranMakina, Electrolux, Ferroli, RoyalThermo, SpiroNibe, Evan, Valtec. Ours I aim, the satisfaction of needs of our clients for goods of engineering bathroom equipment is. For realization of this task we annually participate at exhibitions, we analyze the market, we find new reliable suppliers. So, in the last two years closely we cooperate such suppliers as: JSC Arzamas, group of the Rusklimat company, CJSC Evan.

We are sure of quality of our goods and conscientiousness of our suppliers!

Our clients are: plumbers, erection teams, large and small builders, the design organizations, KSK, the National companies, individuals and all those who faced questions of water supply, heating and sewerage.

We are always glad to meet our clients and to offer a wide range of the commodity range where there are more than 6 000 names of finished goods!

Yours faithfully,

Almatherm team


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